Heritage Adventures

About Us
What does a Road Trip Adventure look like for a Ben Torah?

The Best of Both Worlds- Ruchnious and Gashmiyos - All done the right way.
Daven overlooking majestic mountains. Get involved in a sugya like you can only do in camp - but not just any camp. A structured, Geshmak learning program amidst truly magnificent nature.

A once in a lifetime bucket list experience...

Stunning sites and awesome activities that create the space for a Ben Torah to continue to Shteig throughout the summer and beyond...

We will have delicious wholesome meals prepared by our experienced chef who is incredibly talented.

Below is a sampling of actual meals he has prepared:

Gourmet meals will be served with delicious steak Gourmet
The Staff

The program is under the direction of Rabbi Mordechai Kreitenberg (From Los Angeles and currently residing in Passaic/Clifton NJ.)

The head counselor is R’ Eliyahu Greenberg (from Monsey)

All counselors are B’nei Torah who are selected because they are responsible, fun and outstanding role models.

The Cost

The Total cost for the session is $2800.00 not including airfare

A $500 deposit that is non refundable is required with the application

Flight Details

Please contact Simy at (845) 426-1425 for all flight info. Make sure to ask for the Heritage Adventures flights. We will be travelling together as a group. You are also welcome to book on your own.
Departure from JFK to PHX AA #1487 02AUG 7:00am, arrives in PHX at 9:23am in PHX
Returning from SLC to EWR DL# 561 16AUG 5:39pm, arrives in Newark at 1159pm


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