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Under the leadership of Rabbi Strum shlita, this summer we will have an option for all Masmidim who want to go above and beyond in their learning to opt in for a more advanced Seder Halimud.


Our Masmidim will have a regular full 3 hour 1st seder with a daily in depth shiur from R' Strum shlita and a dedicated Chashuveh Bais Medrash Staff, and then meet up with the camp for all activities. As we know the secret to being Matzliach in Yeshiva is a direct result of the Hatzlacha one has during Bein Hazmanim, therefore we encourage all those that are holding on this level to sign up to our Masmidim program


The primary goal of the Masmidim Program is to elevate the whole camp with even more Limud Hatorah! 


Masmidim Montana


Spectacular Sites and Awesome Activities that create the space for a Ben Torah to Shteig in the summer and far beyond…


Yeshiva Bochurim going into 9th through 12th Grade will explore with us the most spectacular destinations West of the Rockies from

Sunday July 23 - Thursday August 10, 2023

Scheduled Itinerary

We will be exploring Glacier National Park, Mt. Rainier National Park, Banff National Park, and as well as some other gorgeous destinations in the Canadian Rockies and Northern Washington.

sample itinerary

Uplifting Ruchnius


Daven overlooking majestic mountains.

Get involved in a sugya like you can only do in camp.

A structured, Geshmak learning program amidst Epic Adventure.

Epic Activities:



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